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Voucher Information

Voucher information for paid customers:


Thank you for choosing Reflections Pro Services!


We value all of our customers, and will be scheduling all work after we receive our final customer list, which will be the day after our promotion ends.


We will get to you promptly, but we need to group our customers together that are located close to each other…. (That’s how we are able to offer you such a bargain!)


So if you live further away we will service you when we have a few other customers close to where you live…Usually no longer than 30 days.



Voucher square footage limits:


**** 1 story homes up to 2,000 sq. ft.


**** 2 story homes up to 2,400 sq. ft.


(see full price list at bottom for Over sq. ft. additional charges)



24 hour cancellation required or deal value loses special pricing and converts to retail prices.



You Do Not Need To Be Home For Us to Service your Home!


What your deal includes:


Pressure Washing



Washing all siding, exterior gutters, soffit and trim (Pressure washing removes Green mold)


Not included:

Front or rear porch railings, brick work, removing black lines off gutters, decks, patios, front stoops, awnings, screened in porches, High Alkaline wash, sun rooms or columns. However, all areas can be added for an additional charge.


Gutter Cleaning



Blowing out inside of gutters and downspouts with back pack blowers…


Not included:

Cleaning black lines off outside of gutters. Please see our additional charges if you have any questions!


Here is a quick check list for you to follow:


1. Make sure that anything that can be damaged by water or a bleach solution is removed, covered, or let us know so we can move or avoid it!


2. Make sure all windows are closed….


3. We will call you if your home is over the square footage of the deal that you purchased, or if there is a difference on pricing due to a extra dirty or completely clogged gutter that is over and beyond the normal cleaning process. We will discuss the difference in pricing prior to starting your job! Please see our web site www.reflectionsproservices

for additional charges under Voucher information.


4. If you have animals in the back yard that aren’t friendly….. Please put them up.


We use a soft pressure washing system that does not apply pressure around windows, doors or siding….


So rest assured we don’t take the paint off or damage siding!


Please feel free to visit our web site to view our list of jobs completed as well as view the different services we provide to our customers!


We are not responsible for bad seals around windows, doors, or any other item that might let water, and or bleach seep inside your home..


We take extra care on watering all plants with fresh water to prevent any damage!


We are able to save you money by making our routes more efficient!


Please E-mail us pictures of any extra work that you would like a quote

on so all work can be performed on the same day instead of having to

come back at a later date.


Again, we do this to save our customers money, and streamline our services!


Example for extra work:


Send us a good picture of your deck, driveway, or home! Please include several different angles….


We have over 25 years of estimating experience so as long as the information you give us is close to what we talked about there won’t be any surprises!


Our quote is only as good as the information and picture you provide to us!


We are a full service painting, pressure washing, and clean up contractor.


We will provide you with a free estimate, and also can do any smaller wood, window or siding repairs around your home…


Just Ask!


Best Regards,


Reflections Pro Services

Easley: 864-843-7822 



Full Pricing Sheet

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